Chad Leverenz Photography | About
I am a photographer specializing in family and child portraiture. Building on 10 years of experience shooting products and events, I have, over the past 4 years, worked extensively with kids and their families as a freelance portrait photographer for Brian Warling Studios, Picture Day and, now, Chad Leverenz Photography.

It is this most recent work with children that has most inspired. and now drives me, artistically and technically. In particular, I am a devoted student of the delicate art of putting children (and other humans) at ease in front of the camera. I am fascinated by our capacity to work through our self-consciousness in front of the camera, and to arrive at a place of natural ease. I aspire to facilitate this amazing process and to capture sincere and spontaneous human moments despite the often clumsy artifice of a special photographic space, a giant camera, and bulky, artificial lighting.

Whether shooting on-location or in-studio, I strive to create an environment where children (and other humans) are free to grace my camera with the everyday beauty of exactly who they are, exactly where they are. And if we giggle lots in the process, all the better. I want to capture the moments you and your family are busy making.